Congo sues Norway for $500 BILLION dollars!

In the Republic of Congo, a surreal scenario is playing out: Two Norwegian citizens, Tjostolv Moland and Joshua French, have been jailed, apparently due to involvement in a murderscene in which an innocent cabdriver was killed. The Republic of Congo claims the Norwegians killed the driver over a money dispute – the Norwegians claims they were nothing more than witnesses to the crime, perpetrated by unknown gunmen in the middle of the jungle.

In any event, the Republic of Congo is furious – and claims that the killing represents an attack on «the body and soul of Congo itself». And what does Congo think would be a good compenstation for such a hideous crime against the Conglonese people? According to the State Attorney of the Republic of Congo, a mere $500 BILLION dollars will suffice.

Jailed Norwegians in Congo. Photo: Jørgen Braastad.

Norwegian media is present at the military tribunal hearings, and reports that the demand was put forth today. The Conglonese State Attorney insists that the two backpackers are undercover Norwegian agents, backing up this brash claim by pointing out that the two Norwegians were in fact equipped with – gasp! – Norwegian drivers licenses at the time of their arrest. As such – Congo claims – the state of Norway is morally and economically responsible for any and all wrong-doings their citizens do abroad.

Even though Norway is one of the richest countries in the world, enjoying the second highest GDP per-capita (after Luxembourg), even Disney’s Scrooge McDuck would have a hard time settling a $500 billion dollar debt. If Congo wins forth in their own military tribunal, God help Norway.


Scrooge McDuck vs. Congo


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    • Noggi says:

      Fuckin aid needing jungle monkeys. I hope in my heart that Norway will rather pay Blackwater to get the norwegians and kill as many possible on the way out…

      • Johnny says:

        I realy hope that as well. But im from Norway, so i know this poor govorment dont gonna do anything. They will sit back, and send one of theirs ministers to lick some congolese feets. And even give Congo more financial aid help.

      • HAMMER.T says:

        KONGO WANTS 500.000.000.000£ IN RANSOME FROM NORWAY.

      • Geeky says:

        I certainly agree, they should just get the two poor fellas out and make an agreement with all major Western countries to not aid congo in any way anymore.

      • You saying bad things again Noggie, Ima gonna spank your naught little bottom.

    • chuck schumer says:

      i have to agree…always want something for nothing

    • Alfred nkas says:

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      Some of you Whites need to understand that you are no better than anyone else. You can’t steal, loot, transplant,rape our innocent children, miseducate and deny equality to other nationalities and expect them to just get in where they fit in. Europeans established your countries because you didn’t want to be peasants and ostracized from your home culture. You wanted freedom, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. What impudence it takes to oppress others into the same circumstance that so many of your mothers and fathers shed blood for! I can understand if an individual doesn’t mind slaving or doesn’t seek to have abundance, but many people want to live a happy life and don’t need the European orchestrated political war games that separate and oppress Africans at every level. Skin color is so freakin’ petty as means to judge a person. Nobody has a right to judge anything, but if we’re gonna judge something, let’s judge the moral rights and wrongs of individuals, not their appearances. People don’t have to tolerate the superficiality of racism. It seems that the Ice Age may be partially responsible for some of the reactions of many Caucasions today. The need to conquer the land so that it never conquers him again is a genetic pattern and quite understandable. We know the whys and the hows, so what needs to be done now is exactly what God tells us to do: understand, keep the peace and let a racist think he’s running things.

      • korean mafia says:

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      • toydaddy says:

        Alfred, Your rant about apples and zebras is almost laughable. This article was published because it is so bizarre and absurd on its face! Two guys with back packs hardly represents a repressive wave sent forth to attack the rights or bodies of black Africans. There was no weapons or large amounts of money (at least they say that were discovered) Your rambling, almost incoherent, rant could be used to illustrate the reasons for this absurd trial. I have no doubt about the “fairness” of the trial if persons like you are involved.

    • Eirik says:

      White women come to Africa to have sex with young african boys? I’m sorry but I highly doubt this. Last time I checked, having AIDS wasn’t topping the lists of what women find attractive.

    • Fëanor says:

      Norway is a Nato country… how about 500 billion rounds of ammunition of various calibre?

  1. Jonas Mørkås says:

    Haha. Den saken der blir bare mer og mer absurd as. Stopp bistanden og send ned noen helikoptere med spesialsoldater for å hente dem ut =P

  2. This is extremely unreasonable… They can’t demand anything from the norwegian goverment at all. I mean, what kind of evidence do they have? One Id badge from Moland that shows that he has been in the norwegian military? A picture of a news reporter for the paper Drammens tidene from norway pointing his finger on kongo on a map? This will be the laugh of the year for me… I mean what are they gonna do if we refuse to pay? Call together the country and sail northwards with fishing boats to get us? Don’t think so.

    • Curtis says:

      This is insane. Their country is in financial desperation because their own people can’t run a damn thing. Now they see an opportunity to try and fleece a well-run country. I hope those two Norwegian nationals get the hell out of there. Every single foriegn aid worker in that country should leave, asap.

  3. Ejo says:

    Careful Norway, those Congo cats are damn nasty with a spear…

    This has got to be some kind of joke right?

  4. Stian says:

    Many of the statements you make are simply not true, and you are clearly putting national empathies in front of blind justice.

    These are not backpackers, they were working for a security company not that much unlike the American private security companies you’ve heard about in Iraq.

    The events on the night of the murder are at times very unclear, as you have Moland and French claiming they witnessed the murder, and at the same time witnesses attesting to seeing Moland and French commiting the murder.

    Furthermore, the papers they were carrying were not driver licenses, but ID-papers issued by the Norwegian Armed Forces, and if these papers are found to still be valid, then yes, they acted on behalf of the Norwegian government, which would then be responsible for the murder, IF solid evidence ties Moland and French to the murder.

    I too, as a fellow Norwegian, sympathize with Moland and French, as I question the fairness of their trial, but justice must be held above such sympathies. If they are found guilty, they must pay for their crimes.

    • Bjarne says:

      ” If they are found guilty, they must pay for their crimes.”

      You find the witnesses valid, when they claim 500.000 $? What about the victims father, who is stated to be 7 years older than the victim? Etc, etc?

      You will actually agree with the decision of this court, baced on these specific evidences?

      • Stian says:

        No, as I said: “…IF solid evidence ties Moland and French” to the murder. If you read my comment, you’ll also see that I question the fairness of the trial, and implicitly also the validity of the evidence that so far has been produced.

    • Does that mean the Norwegian goverment needs to pay the 500 billion fine that the Congolese goverment has demanded? THe ties that this case has to Norway are EXTREMELY thin and even if they did kill the driver there is little to no chance that norway would go spy or destabilze a country we are aiding trough Un…

      • jazz says:

        I have been following the case even since this mishap. As a foreigner but the citizen of Norway I believe a 500 billion dollar “RANSOM” is absolutely absurd.I guess DRC is asking for a fortune for their entire future generations merely for two guys who yet are to be proven guilty????? I ask for the International Crime tribunal to be involved and let the International criminal court’s involvement be secured ASAP so that a rightful and justful investigation and a decision thereof is delivered… May Allah show us the right path. Ameen.

    • Nicolay says:

      If a congolese soldier on leave, vacation or on his own free time travels to Norway and kill a person. Would the Congolese gvmt be responsible. I do not think so, but that is what you are saying Stian. Also the Norwegian aarmy issues ID cards for a much longer period than soldiers are in service. Not unlike the student id’s in Norway issued for 10 years at a time.

      I do not know if they did it or not, actually I really do not care. However the trials is a sham, a ridicule of the Congolse justice system, seems they are trying real hard to find out just how big of an ass they can make of themselves.

      By the way, we should immediately stop all aid to Congo, last year we gave approx 140 million NOK. Also we should start suing Congo for all wrong doing their citizens have committed in Norway.

    • Zoiros says:

      BS! Im sitting here with my own (Norwegian) military id from when I served in 2004 and even though i ended my term in 2005 it still has an expiration date of 2029. So what you in effect are saying is that since my id-card is still valid I am acting on the behalf of the Norwegian goverment. Thats a pathetic clame. Further more even if they were serving while commiting a crime its still not on behalf of Norway.

      • Markus says:

        Shit, Im an ex-Norwegian soldier in Australia! Have my old ID card here as a memory, Hope the government wont find me!

    • Karl-Olav says:

      Bah! This case is nothing but bull from start to end. I agree with a lot of the comments -stop any aid to that friggin corrupt government and send in a couple choppers with Jeger-troops. And leave as many dead as FUCKING possible. I´ll gladly chip in on the bullets. “Solid evidence” my ass.

    • Norwegian says:

      quote: ….but ID-papers issued by the Norwegian Armed Forces, and if these papers are found to still be valid, then yes, they acted on behalf of the Norwegian government, which would then be responsible for the murder….

      WTF? Your not acting on the behalf of Norwegian Goverment just cause you have calid papers in your wallet… You act on the behalf of Norway if you get orders from the Goverment to go down there and kill some poor ass cab driver.. If they worked for some security company they where acting on the behalf of that security company IMHO.

      Norway issnt responsible for what 2 Norwegians did down there..

      And if you belive that, then youd belive that a Norwegian 18year old kid that just left the military (still has the ID in his wallet) goes with a bunch of friends to Ayia Napa, gets shitfaced drunk, ends up beating a guy in a fight, the guy knocks his head on the curb, dies.. Then cause the dude has a valid “Kongerike Norge ID” in his pocket hes down there drinking and killing that dude on behalf of Norwegian Goverment??

      No way dude. Thats just to lame.

      • Stian says:

        As I have commented in a reply further down here, I should have been more precise: What I meant was that if the company they were working for, Special Interventions Group, was working in Congo on contract by the Norwegian government, they must be held responsible to a certain degree. $500 billion dollars worth of responsibility? No way.

    • Even says:

      Pardon me, but you seem totally clueless. Your logic is so faulty I don’t even know where to start, but there is obviously no link between possessing ID papers and acting on behalf of the Norwegian government.

    • Not from Norway but BERGEN! says:

      Stian, they aren’t claiming that the government sent them, they are claiming that HARALD sent them to SPY on them… Their claims are far beyond valid – they are ABSURD.

      They never acted on behalf of Norway and I suggest you look better into the facts before you make such a careless statement.

    • 062n09 says:

      Thanks Stian!

    • Steven says:

      At last, somone that speaks a bit of sense. As an Englishman living in Norway, I feel I have a slightly less impartial opinion on this. I was in the Congo last year and there is no doubt that the counrty as a whole is unstable and beause of this you can only assume the same of the legal system. Moland and French have not been given a fair trail, however, pictures and certain witness’s do not make for a very good case on their behalf. Other than a neutral country to the Congo and Norway holding a trail for them, I can see them spending a long time in a Cogolese prison.

    • toydaddy says:

      And you really expect that this trial’s procedures will point towards an impartial verdict??? If the public driving the trial is even partially like Alfred above that is soooo unlikely.

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  6. jazz says:

    I have been following the case even since this mishap. As a foreigner but the citizen of Norway I believe a 500 billion dollar “RANSOM” is absolutely absurd.I guess DRC is asking for a fortune for their entire future generations merely for two guys who yet are to be proven guilty????? I ask for the International Crime tribunal to be involved and let the International criminal court’s involvement be secured ASAP so that a rightful and justful investigation and a decision thereof is delivered… May Allah show us the right path. Ameen.

  7. mizz says:

    If Norway is getting away a claim of only 500 billion $ it feels like a joke. A fair sum would be 500000000000000000000 billion $. Remember: Norway has been doing som high level espionage, destroying the whole country and al its citizens.

  8. Stian says:

    Nicolay: Of course not. Maybe I wasn’t precise enough; What I meant was that if it is proven that they were in fact in Congo on some sort of government contract and then proven that they (accidentaly or not) murdered a Congolese citizen, the Norwegian government must admit to at least part of the guilt.

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  10. Kenneth says:

    mizz: What the heck are you talking about? Do you have any documentation of these insane claims?

  11. Jon says:

    “Evidence seized recently at the apartment the two men shared in Uganda could play a large role n the eventual outcome of the trial. During the police raid authorities found Norwegian military ID cards, counterfeit United Nations hats, employee ID badges with both the correct and false names of the two men.”


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  13. Alex says:

    Just pay them in zimbabewean dollars, 500 billion zimbabwean dollars will probably buy them a six pack of beers or so.

    • HAMMER.T says:

      KONGO WANTS 500.000.000.000£ IN RANSOME FROM NORWAY.

  14. Karl-Emil says:

    Haha, detta påminner mig en aning om den nuvarande Sverige-Israel krisen. Fast detta är mycket, mycket värre…

  15. Anonymous says:

    Norway should demand $500 Billion and their citizens from the Congo.

    If they refuse to pay, fly over and drop some 500kg bombs on their shithole.

    I’m sure America would lend you use of one of their airbases in the region.

  16. Kjippkjapp says:

    Whatever the court in Congo decides about the claim for 500 billion from Norway, it doesen’t matter. Such a claim has to be presentet for International Court of Justice in Haag. And I’ll bet Congo wouldn’t get anywhere with it.

    Why do they even think that each and every Norwegian should pay 125 000 USD because of what 2 single Norwegians have done (or not)?

    How will it end if every European country sues every country where imigrants, refugees or asylum seekers comes from when they kill, rapes or does any criminal act? I don’t think Irak, Iran, Pakistan ar any African country wil pay much…

  17. Vidkin Quisling says:

    Norway is, at present, a shadow of its Viking past. Scandinavians are now a collective tribe of lunatic liberals of the first order. They will pay these subhuman morons in order to assuage their guilt for alleged crimes past and present.

  18. Andy says:

    It’s time to wake up Norway. Stop all financial aid to all of Africa as a result of what the Republic of Congo is demanding from Norway’s government. Then also have the special forces bring them out, even if it’s a risky thing to do when they are already accusing NO of espionage. This is something our Ministers should get involved in, then if all else fails, bring it the ARMED FORCES. GOT to make a point SOON!!

    • Markus says:

      But honestly, who do you think will suffer if all aid would be pulled out of Congo! it is the poor people drawn from their homes during the civil war(s). the government in Congo do not care one bit of their citizens and the only help they get is from overseas organizations! to pull out the aid will lead the state back to conflict.

      • Loke says:

        well.. its not our fucking problem to keep those africans alive. if they dont treat us with respect,, why should we help those lazy stupid no good monkeys to survive?

        STOP any help(money, food, tecnologi, medicine. etc) we give Congo. let them stand on their own two feets.

  19. w says:

    Fuck the congo, fuck africa. Once again, they come trying to leech money off whitey. If norway gives in, they’re a bunch of morons. I say they should just give the finger and go on with business as usual. What, is the congolese navy going to blockade norway with some wooden boats? HA!

  20. ShitBurger says:

    My god. It would almost be funny if not for the fact that there are so many are some god damn deranged stinking hippies that its a possibility.

  21. carlton says:

    Norway is NATO member so i just hope they will free those 2 poor bastards via force. As scandic citizen myself i fear that our over-liberal policies nowadays will kick in and they actually pay something for those assholes.
    This whole episode reminds me that Dr. Evil character from Austin Powers when he demands those rediculious sums haha.

  22. look at all these cock sucking norwegians. Bunch of ice fuckers.

  23. Norwegian says:

    If Congo can claim 500billion for what 2 Norwegians did in Congo, what can Norway claim for all the asylum congolesians running around in Norway raping and stealing? Kick them out, frease out Congo (i.e dont send them those 20million dollar we de do each year and get those Norwegians back with force. God I hate gready bush-monkeys!

    @ Norwegians are fags: Fuck you. What have Norway ever done to you? Did we reject your asylum application?? Well we dont want ugly stupid mother fuckers like you here leeching on our country!

  24. Jedi says:

    So even if they’re found guilty of this crime, why are they so concerned about Norway paying them MONEY? Why not just put them in prison and let it be?

    Oh I forgot – I guess it’s because their entire economy depends on handouts.

  25. Geographyfag says:

    The country in question was Democratic Republic of the Congo (Congo-Kinshasa). Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville) is not the same country.

  26. willy says:


    “They better be bloody careful – the Norwegians are great people, but when push comes to shove, they fight like Tigers with tooth ache.

    Next reported news – Congo under the flag of Norway after 500 tourists whip out weapons and take over the country.

    News after that – Norway becomes worlds top diamond exporter. ”

    I liked this quote i found!

  27. beth says:

    what’s new here?

  28. hermod says:

    I like to have sex with hairy men for drug money

  29. Steve says:

    This sorta stuff makes my blood boil! When are white people going to wake up and smell the nigger?? I think Norway needs to sue Congo and every other Africoon country for all the killings their people have done on Norwegian land. They have a bloody nerve!

  30. Didrik says:

    As a norwegian myself, I thought when they first was arrested that they were guilty, but as the trial of the men is getting more and more idiotic, witnesses claim lots of money for even tell their story, a taxi company claiming 1.6 million dollars for a busted window and a new engine(and this isnt even a freaking Bugatti) and this demand of 500 billion dollars, which is over 3000 billion norwegian crowns, and our oil is worth 2500 billion crowns. My blood is boiling over this “trial”. This is only to get money out of us, because they cant do it by their f***ing self!!!!

  31. me says:

    Thats what you get for goin to monkey land

  32. derpyderp says:

    Silly negros, They’re actually sat around thinking this is the best plan they’ve ever devised. It’s like something an 8 year old would come up if he ran a country.

  33. Dr. Evil is a nigger.

  34. Anonymous_person says:

    Lol, niggers. Enough said.

  35. Christmas Pete says:

    Jesus H Christ I swear to God, Niggers can’t help but demand free shit EVERYWHERE they go. I work at a McDonald’s as a part time job and all those monkeys do is sit back and tell me to do their fucking jobs. All they do is jabber away about how “hahrd muh lyf iz” and how “da wyt man iz keepin me down”. DO SOME FUCKING WORK, MAYBE YOU’LL GET PROMOTED. It’s like personal responsibility was thrown out the window. I really hope the Norwegian government doesn’t give them shit, because the second they do every broke fucking country in Africa is going to start arresting foreigners. It’ll be a big buffet for those big lipped fuckers to substitute their own incompetency with foreign money.

  36. Karl-Emil says:

    Damn racists, get back to your dark caves.

    • Christmas Pete says:

      Fuck you Karl, you don’t know shit. You don’t have to deal with the scum every day of your life. If you were smart you’d know that there are two types of black people, niggers and blacks. Niggers like to do nothing in expectation that people will do it for them. When they aren’t given free shit they take it and hurt or kill people in the process. Every part of their popular media is based on buying and selling drugs, treating women like animals, and beating up and/or killing other people. Blacks on the other hand work for themselves and show respect for civil society, as well as their families. Unfortunately, there are AT THE VERY LEAST 3 niggers for every 1 black. And no, I’m not racist, I’m a realist. I recognize what a sick culture is disseminating through black culture and even through hispanic and to a limited extent white culture, but it is by far the most dominant in black culture. It’s just disgusting. So fuck you, you don’t have to live and work around this worthless excuses for humans.

  37. Norskemann says:

    Finally a country with some humor.

    From the very beginning of this trial i haved laughed my way through the morning news.

    2 wayz this will turn:

    They are guilty… they shoot them… wheres the money? OH NOEZ!! We juz killed our ticketz to become one of the richez countriz in teh worldz…

    They are guilty… but not shot… the trial goes to Haag. Everybody laughs at Congo becaus they dont even have a functional justice department. Congo pays Norway a petty sum of 68 billions for even trying pluss offering themself as slaves for etirnity.

    WAKE UP CONGO! Stop makin fools of yourself and see the reality, your on the bottom of the foodchain for a reason!

  38. Michael says:

    Congo’s brilliant scheme explained in 41 seconds:

  39. Dave says:

    As usual, a nigger will take any chance to “get paid”. Mind you, the word nigger refers to a persons actions and ways, not colour

  40. Bernd says:

    This is so hysterically retarded, that i hope for their mental sanity that they’re joking.

  41. Mandeep says:

    Call them FUCKING NIGGERS, BLACK MONKEYS, LAZY BUMS, ….. without understanding the real problems. All lies!!! They were exploited since the 19th century. Violence is never initiated by the oppressed. The oppressor is responsible for all what is happening not only there but also in all the colonized countries. Oh! yeah I ain’t referring here to Norway. If you guys think colonization was necessary for humanization mind you propaganda, management, manipulation- all arms of domination- cannot be the instruments of their re-humanization!

    • get real! says:

      read your history!!!!! your right about the country being opressed and exploided, but the violence was there long before the white man set foot in congo! and btw the sons can’t keep on paying for the fathers sins! so bloody tired of christian ‘logic’!!!!!!

      • Mandeep says:

        I know our history more than you know yours. Why should things be defined only from your point of view? Can I not look at you from various positions and angles? Yeah so bloody tired of christian logic ‘cos Christians do not really love their fellow creatures. And they do not love them ‘cos they have never really believed in otherness. History shows us how when they have found it they have either converted or destroyed it. At the root of Christians there is a terrible self-disgust which makes them hate and envy others, especially if those others are pagans and also among themselves. This is the psychological source of their missionary zeal and also of the Inquisition which now one faction, now another have darkened the planet. You say violence was there long before…. Well, that is your definition of violence. And lemme tell you one more thing. Know even oppressors are slave. They oppress others because they themselves are oppressed by the feeling to oppress others!

  42. Aus Norwegen says:

    Well, I myself come from Norway and im pretty sure we will offer these niggers a good deal money…

    Just you wait, its like everything else we do: waste money and please those who do not deserve it. Like illegal immegrants or perhaps even terrorist like Mullar Krekar…

    I wish i lived in another country, FUCK NORWAY! Best country in the world? Fuck that! we might have the oil, but thats fucking all we got, and as long as these christian headfucks are ruling here, its all we will ever have.

    Norway is the nerd everyone steals lunch money from in hollywood movies…

    Fuck Norway, and Fuck Congo

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  44. Action Man! says:

    Rofl, I don’t see the Congolese suing the armed rebels that have caused the deaths and rapes of thousands of Congolese citizens..

  45. lace wigs says:

    reparations gone out of control?

  46. Pitt206 says:

    Hey, great post, very well written. You should blog more about this. I’ll definitely be subscribing.

  47. HAMMER.T says:


  48. Peter says:

    The case reminds me a bit about the sudan pirates. Why does the witnesses have to have around 10 million dollars each? furthermore a quick calculation states that each conglonesean gets around 1 mill norwegean kroner (perhaps a bit steep).

    Also I read that the owner of the car demands 400 dollars a day untill his car is fixed 🙂 an average worker earns around 100 norwegean kroner (according to wikipedia)

    PS my calculation are a bit rounded but they should more or less hold, in CRAZY

    • Stian says:

      «An average worker earns around 100 Norwegian kroner»

      What do you mean? 100 NOK per hour, per day, per week, per month? Per year?

      • Geir says:


        you should seriously consider moving to Congo. Based on the intelligence demonstrated by your postings, you will probably find yourself part on the Congolesque intellectual elite. That would be quite a change, eh?

  49. SIndre says:

    I think Norway should just ignore the puny request.

  50. CommentingIsEasyWhenYouDontNeedLogin says:

    It’s gonna be awesome to play this in FarCry 3.

  51. CommentingIsEasyWhenYouDontNeedLogin says:

    Dudes! Tony Stark is fucking happy:

  52. From Congo says:

    Hi Guys,

    just to set the records straight. I am from Congo and I am disgusted by by some of the ignorant and racists comments made by some people. I dont know whether these guys are guilty or not and I agree that the 500 billion $ claim looks ridiculous. Understand that this is purely politics. This issue will be resolved easily. They will not be sentenced to death but I however suspect that an exchange of money will take place for the prisoners. Getting back to the two guys, they were arrested using fake id’s, fake names, fake UN hats and pretented to be what they were not. Then if they were not guilty, why all these lies. You should be reading this article and you will understand better.

    The murder trial for two Norwegian security guards begins Friday in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Tjostolv Moland, age 28 and Joshua French, 27 are charged with the shooting death of their hired driver Adebi Kasongo which occurred on the 5th of May. Additional charges against the two include espionage and various weapons violations.

    Authorities believe the two men shot and killed their driver on an isolated section of road between Kisangani and the Ugandan border but thus far the prosecution has not disclosed their theory as to the motive for the crime. For their part the Norwegians insist they are innocent of any wrongdoing but thus far have not indicated who they believe fired the fatal shots.
    Tjostolv Moland, age 28 and Joshua French, 27 are charged with the shooting death of their hired driver. Photos courtesy of Thomas Hubert/Aftenposten

    Tjostolv Moland and Joshua French are charged with the shooting death of their hired driver. Photo courtesy of Thomas Hubert/Aftenposten.

    Evidence seized recently at the apartment the two men shared in Uganda could play a large role n the eventual outcome of the trial. During the police raid authorities found Norwegian military ID cards, counterfeit United Nations hats, employee ID badges with both the correct and false names of the two men. The employee badges are from a heretofore little known security company named Special Interventions Group (SIG) which is owned by and mostly staffed by Norwegians. During the raid on the apartment authorities also confiscated at least one rifle and a camera containing pictures of the two men on their recent travels in Africa. In one grainy image, believed to have been taken by Mr. French, Mr. Moland is seen smiling as he washes the blood believed to be that of Mr. Kasongo from the inside of the hired car.

    Vague Details

    Only recently have Moland and French begun discussing their case publicly. Previously French was inexplicably coy about his true identity and had been operating under the name “John Hunt”. Their use of false names likely lead the prosecution to become extra suspicious especially in light of the fact that the two resided in Uganda, with whom the Congo has a long, contentious and bloody past.

    As portions of their story emerged it became evident that key details remained undisclosed. Not least of which were what exactly were the two men doing in the restive eastern region of the Congo?

    Playing Soldier

    Moland and French served briefly in the Norwegian Army’s Telemark Battalion, which in the Norwegian order of battle, is purportedly an elite infantry unit. It is unknown if either deployed operationally during their military service.

    The two men had been apparently on somewhat of an African adventure in the months leading up to their arrest. Photos found both on their own camera as well as those sent home to family and friends show the two men posing for tourist-like snap shots at various locations in central Africa.

    Moland has previously stated during interviews with Norwegian reporters that the company he founded and insists is legitimate, Special Interventions Group – Uganda and he contends that it “has nothing to do with” other companies with the name Special Interventions Group. This appears to conflict with the recently obtained SIG-Uganda employee ID badges which bear the identical SIG logo and the name false name of Mike Callan and John Hunt each accompanying Moland and French’s respective photographs. Furthermore, the name ‘Mike Callan’, apparently used by Moland, is listed as recently as 2008 on SIG brochures as the Chief Executive Officer of SIG-Uganda.

    Representatives from SIG have thus far not commented publicly on the pending trial of Moland and French. However, in previous public interviews members of their staff, including one identifying himself as “John Hunt” had claimed that SIG has executed offensive combat operations in Africa, including in the DRC.

    Details regarding the specific business activities undertaken by SIG-Uganda are difficult to ascertain but it is not believed that the venture had proven particularly lucrative for Moland, who asserted himself in recent interviews as the primary owner. In addition to offering security services both Moland and French we also said to be “attempting to organize corporate adventure tours” in partnership with a large international travel company but thus far Moland or French have refused to disclose the name of the company.

    Low Tech, High Stakes

    The physical conditions that the accused find them selves in now are deplorable, despite the fact that they apparently occupy the best cell in the filthy and antiquated Kisangani jail. Their ragged physical appearance and Spartan treatment thus far gives a clear indication of the sophistication of the trial that likely awaits them. Interestingly, both men have been confined together which in almost all circumstances would not have been the norm. Their time together will have certainly given them time to corroborate details of their defense and this could make it difficult for the prosecution if they are unable to present a compelling enough case.

    It is not expected that much if any forensic or physical evidence of value will be presented at the trial. Instead the prosecution seems to place the majority of its case in witness testimony and circumstantial evidence.

    So, as early as Friday perhaps additional details will emerge regarding the events that lead to the death of Adebi Kasongo. If convicted on the murder charge the two men could receive a life sentence to be served in a Congo prison.

    • HAMMER.T says:

      thanks for input.

      still,there frustrtion lost of people have against kongo is their way of tryig to take advantage of Norwegian fortune,the way they drag the guys through the streets,the ways they have prepared the trail and they way they are ececuting the trail..

      this is what pisses us of with kongo..

    • Geir says:

      It is interesting to reflect upon the fact that some years ago, you would be hard pressed to find a norwegian who would utter anything remotly racist. I have myself been active for a number of years in the anti-racist movement in Norway. Then the number of crimes and violence committed by people from the continent of Africa, who were admitted to our country and given money, education and social security on a level exactly equivivalent to norwegian-born citizens, rose to point where the whole of norwegian society actually changed. Today, there are parts of my city that I am afraid to walk at night. I see drug dealers outside my house, where my children walk to school. The dealers are all black, Nigerian mostly.

      Today, I have no respect – or indeed hope for – the majority of black people. I am saddened by the fact that I must now consider myself a racist.

      I have begun to belive that it is important for the future of my childeren, and for generations to come, that people in general get a bit down to facts on this. Fact is that the intrinsic value of human life, and the basic idea of solidarity towards your fellow man, is NOT something that we have in common with people from the continent of Africa.

      I do not think that people in general fully understand what this “trial” does in the way of _educating_ the norwegian population, just as having drug dealer doing their business outside the window where my children sleep was extremly educational for me.

      Therefore, I applaud the “trial” in Congo.

      This is Africa, people.

      You want more of them here?

  53. NiNE says:

    FUCKING NIGGERS!!! 500 Billion ?- haha suck my motherfucking dick 😉 Why ta fuck pay 500 Billion to those niggers when u can buy a nuke and nuke that fucking shit

  54. Norwegian. says:

    There are two things that should be taken in to considertion here. 1. Norway is NEVER going to pay anything even remotly close to the amounts that has been claimed.
    2. If Norway reverses the claim, with the cost of all the prisoners from congo that live in norwegian prisons, deducting the oiginal claim, Norway would still get a great deal of money. And Congo would ofcourse never pay anything.

    Very few norwegians are rasists, but the claim, the trial and the way none of the judges ever get into the court on time make people into rasists.

  55. Norwegian says:

    Fucking criminal murders! You are just folish. Fucking terrorist. Some norwegian guys are coming for visiting you, and you kill them?! You don’t even got any proof that they killed their driver. And spying, that is the fucking dumbest I ever heard! That picture you mean proof it, is just silly. They are not pointing at Congo once. What du you have in Congo that we norweagians neads to spy on? You are just a fucking poor niggerland! We are never going to pay you that fucking money you means that we own you!

    Burin in hell, motherfuckers!

    • BITCH says:

      Couldn’t have said it better..Fuck Congo…they gotta get nothi’…Just corrupted country to use Norway..Fuck you cheap niggers.

  56. CCC says:

    Congo can suck my norwegian balls! i would like to see a real trail and a fair result… they didnt even find the gun they elegaly used and they are niggers

  57. Dan says:

    To “From Congo”.

    I know the guys and have both trained and worked with them and I am certain they did not do this crime.

    Regarding your “facts” then I think you should reread your story. “Evidence seized recently at the apartment the two men shared in Uganda could play a large role n the eventual outcome of the trial. During the police raid authorities found Norwegian military ID cards, counterfeit United Nations hats, employee ID badges with both the correct and false names of the two men. The employee badges are from a heretofore little known security company named Special Interventions Group (SIG) which is owned by and mostly staffed by Norwegians. During the raid on the apartment authorities also confiscated at least one rifle and a camera containing pictures of the two men on their recent travels in Africa. In one grainy image, believed to have been taken by Mr. French, Mr. Moland is seen smiling as he washes the blood believed to be that of Mr. Kasongo from the inside of the hired car.”

    Just a simple observation that anyone with ahlf a brain would immediately make is:
    If the crime was committed in Congo and the two were arrested there while fleeing from their crime, then the authorities could obviously not have found a camera in their apartment in UGANDA containing photos of Moland wshing of blood from the driver!

    Think before you post, and yes I agree that rasist comments dont add anything of value.

    • Emma says:

      Agreed. The point of interest to me, however, is what relevance a monetary demand has at all. I don’t know enough to make an assessment of what happened. However I do believe that if someone commits a crime, they pay for their crime. If you think a government is doing something wrong you use immigration laws to either 1) keep them out or 2) make them miserable. You don’t charge them money. If (and this is big IF) they believe that this is true of the Norwegians, they are effectively saying, they put a price on their own countryman’s life, and saying that once it’s paid that everything will go on as it once was. That’s sick. Obviously, it’s about money, not what’s right. I would say the same about any country, regardless of race. Their strategies don’t lead to the objectives they are touting. Logically, it’s simple extortion. If the country was going to give all the money to the cab driver’s widow along with visa so she could freely leave the country if she so wished … perhaps it might make a little sense in a vindication for a life. But as the demand stands … no. It only serves to line pockets.

  58. Elias says:

    Send a Special Forces Team, kick some black asses and get the guys out of that jungle circus.

  59. Elias says:

    Forsvarets Spesialkommando will do the job.

  60. David Liu Botello says:

    I simply believe these two guys are innocent of these charges. So, this trial is a joke… With a proper system of justice I think they would have found that Moland and French aren’t exactly doing legal things in Congo. Just my guess… if the fake ids and stuff is true, then they were doing illegal shit.

    Send real judges to Congo and if found guilty of anything send them to Norway to pay their sentences.

    And of course the 500 billion usd is the most stupid thing I’ve read in a long time.

  61. Olga says:

    Here we go again. Two Europeans innocent until proven guilty (in the court of law) being held for a reasonable exchange of 500 billion dollars! I am half Swedish and half South African, guess what is going through my head? Dumb and Dumber! The ones insulting the Africans, would you all just shove it! Geez we have two lives on the line here before you start degrading anybody with words please just keep it shut (if you have nothing nice to say, please do not say a word!) As for the Africans throwing barbs…… is an idea……..REVOLUTIONIZE THE GODDAM CONTINENT! Every developed country in the world went through problems, political, economic, heck Europeans have battle scars to prove their emergence to modernization and democracy. America had to free herself from the British rule and establish her independence…..hate her or love her, she fought for her place in the world so did every developed country. So Africans, get off your fucking asses, and REVOLUTIONIZE your GODDAM countries! And maybe, just maybe, you wouldn’t be looked down upon and seen as insignificant brutes! You want $500 billion? Get your good for nothing corrupt leaders to release the stashed away trillions in Swiss Accounts and fucking IMF!

    Again, dumb and dumber…….throwing insults back and forth, we are talking lives of two people that Norwegians better pray are innocent!

  62. […] Congo sues Norway for $500 billion var AdBrite_Title_Color = '716648'; var AdBrite_Text_Color = '535353'; var AdBrite_Background_Color = 'FFFFFF'; var AdBrite_Border_Color = 'FFFFFF'; var AdBrite_URL_Color = '247fa7'; try{var!=window.self?2:1;var AdBrite_Referrer=document.referrer==''?document.location:document.referrer;AdBrite_Referrer=encodeURIComponent(AdBrite_Referrer);}catch(e){var AdBrite_Iframe='';var AdBrite_Referrer='';} document.write(String.fromCharCode(60,83,67,82,73,80,84));document.write(' src="'+AdBrite_Iframe+'&ref='+AdBrite_Referrer+'" type="text/javascript">');document.write(String.fromCharCode(60,47,83,67,82,73,80,84,62)); Your Ad Here…llion-dollars/ […]

  63. Tom says:

    For 500.000.000.000 dollars, Norway could take control of congo with military powers if they wanted to. But who would want that corrupt shitty country anyway.. lawl

  64. Greenthumb says:

    They should just take a chopper with top trained soliders and shot all the leaders of Congo.
    Take the norwegians home, and leave a note that say’s.
    You people wont get a dime from us anymore!

  65. OogaBoogaObama says:

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    No one should ever set foot in a NIGGER country because it is filled with NIGGERS and NIGGERS are savage animals.

  66. So how ’bout em niggers eh ?

  67. DeadNotSleeping says:

    monkey politics 😀 give 500 billion bananas!

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