What does Microsoft have against black people?

Every now and then, a Megacorp does something really stupid. Founded in 1975, you’d think Microsoft knew their way around international business by now – but then something like this shows up:

Compare Microsoft’s international Business Productivity website against
the Polish version of the same website. (Note: These are Actual Microsoft.com URLs)

Notice anything different?

For your convenience, check out this screenshot:

Microsoft website comparison

Microsoft website comparison

In the world of Business Productivity Infrastructure, I guess this is as “WTF??” as it gets.


5 Comments on “What does Microsoft have against black people?”

  1. Unbelievable… Somebody is getting fired.

  2. Joachim says:

    For all I know people could be pretty racist in Poland, but I doubt it. And whether that’s the case or not is really beside the point. This is just about as bad as it gets. Someone should get fired for that.

  3. Aryle says:

    Black guy has been put back in the Polish site now..

  4. Roar says:

    There’s a lot racism in Poland. But even so…

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