AT&T lifts 4chan-block, raid suspended



In a surprisingly swift move, AT&T has lifted the blockade of and its «/b/»-section.

We have earlier written about when and why the ban was put in place, but only 15-16 hours after the 4chan-block was first reported, CentralGadget and TechCrunch now reports that AT&T has indeed confirmed that the block has been lifted.

«AT&T has confirmed that they are currently blocking portions of the internet site, but states that they are «following the practices of their policy department.»»

At 11:15 PM, it appears AT&T have restored network-wide access to all areas of 4chan. Still, there has been no official confirmation to this from moot, the founder of

On the «official» raid-forum, Anon rejoices and informs that «All rioting/’war’/protests have been suspended for the time being». That might be a good thing, considering there is already circulating rumors that Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T, has been found dead outside his home.

Assuming AT&T doesn’t repeat its mistakes, it seems the score is 0-1 in the fight between MegaCorp. vs. Net Neutrality – and another notch in the belt for 4chan’s Anonymous.



10 Comments on “AT&T lifts 4chan-block, raid suspended”

  1. Matt says:

    They just don’t want end up spending millions of $$$ fighting the battle that Scientology is fighting and losing.

  2. Business101 says:

    It was blocked because it’s been a DDoS target for weeks. This had nothing to do with content.

    Blame the idiots who run javascript embedded images.

  3. […] a comment worth baring in mind. A reader of Erling Løken Andersen’s blog noted that; It was blocked because it’s been a DDoS target for weeks. This had nothing to do with […]

  4. as says:

    I thought anonymous never forgives and never forgets.

  5. Adam L Goldstein says:

    I TOLD you people that I would onl,y become more powerful.
    THIS is what happens when you screw with Adam L Goldstein.
    Don’t try it again .

  6. 4chan Sucks says:

    You /b/queers are so edgy and threatening.
    AIDS, Jews and Niggers are hilarious if you’re a prepubescent retard hiding behind mommy and daddies PC. As soon as your family or friend gets sick all the lulz disappear and you reveal the hypocrite that you are.

    4chan is such a joke and it’s users are even more pathetic. AT&T would have crushed you basement dwelling virgins for life if you did anything. Scientology isn’t going anywhere either, no matter how many V for Vendetta obsessed losers death threat them. You pussies wouldn’t kill shit.

    fucking meme sheep.

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